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The ultimate files sharing platform you can use as your next project

What is oukatransfer ?

OukaTransfer is PHP/Laravel script to make an online files sharing platform that can be used to share a large or small file or files between teammeats, partners, colleagues, or with public by email or generating links.
OukaTransfer builded on two methods of making money, first one making money on users subscriptions. And second one by advertising in your home page.
OukaTransfer also gives your users 3 plans to use your platform (Guest user, Free user, Premium user). Each plan has different options, You can add, edit, delete options as you like in the dashboard.
OukaTransfer team tried their best to make the User Interface clean and easy for all users to use.
Powerful security methods to let your users upload any kind of files without been afraid on your platform.
Storing users files required a storage, We give you the choice to store the files in your server with your platform files,
Or in the Amazon S3 storage. You can use S3 with 100GB for free.
If you still want informations about the OukaTransfer you can scroll to next section or you can contact us anytime you need.

how to use it ?

Live demo

You can use the live demo to know more about OukaTransfer platform (Some options disabled in live demo).
Login as admin :
Email : admin@oukatransfer.com
Password : admin1234.
Create new user to login as user

Live demo

Installation documentation

A documentation to folow when you buy the OukaTransfer platform to install it and make it yours :)
just follow the steps one by one, I tried to make the steps easy as i can.
But if you have any problem or question please contact me and i will be happy to help.

Installation doc

Templates store

OukaTransfer platform also hass a templates system so you can add more templates to use them in your platform, And for that reason Ouka Transfer team are going to create 2 templates for free every week. Visit our store every week to get the best template for your platform or contact us if if you want a customized template.

Templates store

Contact US

Oukalla Med

Full stuck developer

Marwane Benznana

Web designer & Web developer

Achaybane Salah

Full stuck developer

Feel free to contact with us in the way you like




On the occasion of launching OukaTransfer script
OukaTransfer team make a Big discount for the first 25 Buyers

49$ 19$