Welcome to the installation documentation of OUKATRANSFER script

Important : Please if you have any problem or something you don't understand or you don't know how to do something in this documentation.
Please contact us, We are here to help you with your installation. We can also make the installation for you from scratch using softwares like AnyDesk. All that is FREE.
So read the documentation if you can make it go ahead if something not clear we are here for you no need to waste your time searching on google.

First thing we have to do to install the script is Upload script files into your server.
In the folder you buyed from codecanyon you will found a zip file named OUKATRANSFER

Create database

Next step after you uploaded the script files is creating a Database and a User For the database.

If you don't know how to do that, Please watch this video, And don't forget the password

Watch on youtube

Connect the database

After you create the database, Now we will give the database information for the script to connect between them.

Open your Cpanel and search for File manager, Open it and go to the files you extracted, You will find a file named .env Right click on it and click edit. Then give it the database info, Like you see in this example

Create database tables

After connecting the database with script, Now we have to create the tables for the script in database.

There is 2 ways to do that both of them are simple and easy you can do one of them only.

Watch on youtube

Config the mail SMTP

Now it time to give out script the mail SMTP info, because there is emails system in our script in this email system required SMTP info to work.

This is a video will show you how to get you mail SMTP to used them. Or you can search how to crate SMTP in your panel

Watch on youtube

After you get SMTP informations, now if you remember the .env file, Go open it again and leave it opened in a window we'll use it again.

Open the .env file and set the SMTP info.


Let's move now to give the script the most important info to process the payments and subscriptions.

First step is getting the Stripe API keys this video shows how to get the API keys from stripe dashboard and put them in .env file.

After you get stripe API Keys open the file .env and give it the Key and Secret

Don't close the .env file we still need it. Also stay logged in your stripe dashboard.

If you set the API keys now we are goind to create Product and Price inside stripe dashboard and get their id's

Watch this video toknow how to create product and price also puting the id's in .env file.

Last thing in Stripe dashboard we need to create stripe webhooks to let stripe send what's happens with subsciptions and payments to our script.

After the your domain name add /stripe_webhooks so the final url will be like :

Config the storage

This step if you have an AWS account and you wanna use the S3 with the script.

Open file .env and search for AWS and put your info on it. (Keep the .env file opened next step is the last one)

Supervisor and Cron job

Befor you start on this step please read it at least twice, If you can do it please go ahead,
If you can't and you need help please contact us and we will be happy to help you.


First go and connect to your server via SSH and follow the steps below

To install supervisor you may use the following command :

sudo apt-get install supervisor

After that you have to go to the Supervisor config folder in /etc/supervisor/conf.d

cd /etc/supervisor/conf.d

Make sure that you are inside the conf.d folder. Then let's create new configuration file

First run this command to check if you have nano editor in your system,

nano --version

If the output show you some informations about nano like (email,website,version). That means nano already installed in your system. If you don't get this output you can install nano with this command.

sudo apt-get install nano

Let's create new configuration file now.

You can change the name oukatransfer-queue-worker and give it any name you like. But make sure you don't forget the .conf or you can just use the same name i used in example.
sudo nano oukatransfer-queue-worker.conf

After you enter this command the nano editor will open the new file oukatransfer-queue-worker as you can see in this image.

Before you go to next step you need get full path for the folder you extract the script files on it in.
In my case this is the path to my script folder
Also you should get the path of php to use it in line to named command=, you can get it by taping this command .
which php
In my case the php path is

[program:oukatransfer-queue-worker] process_name=%(program_name)s_%(process_num)02d command=/opt/bitnami/php/bin/php /home/bitnami/htdocs/artisan queue:work autostart=true autorestart=true user=root numprocs=8 redirect_stderr=true stdout_logfile=/home/bitnami/htdocs/storage/logs/oukatransfer_supervisor.log

Copy this code into nano editor and change the values required
[program:file_name_you_created] in my case it's [program:oukatransfer-queue-worker]

command=php_path your_path/artisan queue-work in my case it's, command=/opt/bitnami/php/bin/php /home/bitnami/htdocs/artisan queue-work
stdout_logfile=your_path/storage/logs/oukatransfer_supervisor.log in my case it's, stdout_logfile=/home/bitnami/htdocs/storage/logs/oukatransfer_supervisor.log

If you finished the modification now save the file and to do that you can press CTRL + x neno will ask you if you want to save changes. type y and click ENTER. nano will ask you again to a name for the file just press ENTER again.

Now since we finished our configuration file we should tell the Supervisor to read this new file. We can do that by using this command

sudo supervisorctl reread

As you can see in this image the worker is now available.

Now let's restart the Supervisor service also by using this command.

sudo supervisorctl update
If you get this output that means the supervisor is now working.

Cron job

Befor you go to your cPanel to create a Cronjob copy the Paths we used to make Supervisor
PHP path : for me it's - /opt/bitnami/php/bin/php
Script path : for me it's - /home/bitnami/htdocs/

Copy this two paths in your notepad and copy this command below also.

cd /path-to-your-project && php artisan schedule:run

Now go to your cPanel and search for Cron jobs. and open it.

After that watch this video to know how to create a cron job.

That's it the Supervisor and Cron job are created now.

Edit the title and url in .env file

This is the last step in the installation.

Open file .env and search for APP_NAME and give it your website name, In my case it's OukaTransfer

Also change the APP_URL to your domain name, In my case it's

Create admin account

Default template with a default advertisement about the Indoor Plants ;)

Now after you finished the installtion of the script you can go to your domaine name and click register to create the admin account. Make sure you see this message up of the form

Create admin account

If you don't see this message that means you already created an admin account. Go to Login page and try to reset password if you forget it.

After you creating the admin account you will logged into your Dashboard page

Dashboard important changes

Edit the Packs / Plans

First thing we have to edit is the packs / plans of our platform, In your dashboard click on Packs
Then click on of the small edit icons in top of the plans.

If you don't understand the meaning of the other fields this table will be super helpful for you.

Max upload size (GB) The max size of file allowed to upload by user.
Max transfer downloads The max number of downloads, the transfer link can get. from 1 download until unlimited. (Users can specify the number but can't be large than you select).
Transfer expires after : The max period of the transferred links to expire start from 1 Day until forever. (Also the users can specify the period but not above the period you specified.)
Password protection : Specify if the users can use password to protect their files or not.

To add other options to the packs options you can do it in packs page using the Add new option form. Give your option a name like 'Option name' and make it available in packs you want like the image below

Edit the trial info and period

Third thing to update is the trial period and subscription text, This info appear on free users dashboard to encourage them to subscribe to premium plan. Also you can specify if you wanna give the new users a trial period when they subscribed or not.

To do that go again into Settings
Then open Upgrade and trial period and update with your info as you can see in this image.

Watch this video to get an idea about how to update the form and how the result appear in free users dashboard.

Change website template

If you go into Customize Open Templates

if you get an empty page like image below. That means you still have no templates you can click the link Get more templates for free to get new templates, also to know how to config it.

This is how the templates looks like when you add them also you can preview or delete or apply the template for your website.

Contact us if you need help

There is other pages and other settings there are easy to understand,but if you have any question or any problem in those steps, Please visit the OUKATRANSFER website to connect with us and we will be happy to help you.
New youtube channel coming soon about the platform script.